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Tires & Wheels with Installation

Belleville Auto Parts Centre offers competitive pricing on tires and wheels. We also offer installation service. Competitively priced winter and all-season tires. We also offer run-flats, off-road, and racing tires. Contact us today and get the hook up on major brand name tires – Michelin, Bridgestone, Cooper, Hercules, and more! Pictured below are just some of the brands we carry.

Belleville Auto Parts Centre offers both steel and alloy wheels

Steel wheels are durable and low maintenance and they are a great option for winter because of their heavy weight and resistance to the oxidation process from road salt. A cost effective option that works with most basic vehicle models. Alloy wheels are for upgrading your original set that came with your vehicle. Alloy wheels will help you get the exact style you are looking for since they are lighter in weight and more customization options.

Tire and Wheel Installation Service

Installation service for tires and wheels at Belleville APC. We are happy to offer our customers the following services: removal of the wheels, removal of the old tires from the wheels, installation of tires and wheels, mounting and sealing the new tire, inflating and balancing each tire and replacing the wheels on your vehicle with the new or seasonal tire.

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